City Of Thieves By David Benioff Essay

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There is the cultural stigma that nice guys finish last. Yet, two underdogs disprove this ideal by swiftly rising to the top. In City of Thieves by David Benioff, an inexperienced seventeen year old boy named Lev Beniov, rises to the top when put in a life or death situation. He bypasses the difficulties he faces and accomplishes his quest. With similar regards to Lev, Sydney Carton of Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, also advances above all with little notice. After facing heartbreak, Sydney continues to service the one he loves to extreme measures. Both works of literature illustrate the prosperity of unanticipated heroes while ensuring morals are kept. Lev and Sydney both unexpectedly overcome their fears and obstacles in order to protect the ones they love leading them to achieve their highest goal. Journeys rarely come without some sort of struggle or conflict. Fears of individuals also typically arise creating and or worsening issues. Lev is thrown into a position that requires him to be strong, healthy, and fit, the complete opposite of what he is. Being malnourished and incredibly weak certainly did not aid in his favor. The Natzis ruthless sieze of his city Leningrad left food supplies incredibly scarce. “No one but the best connected could still feed a pet, so the pets fed us” (Benioff 7). Lev elaborates on the drastic measures his surrounding men and women will go in order to have some substance in them. The frigid temperature is another hardship for…

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