City Of One Report Essay

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Ellen Specht
Critical Review: City of One

Francine Cournos is a medical student that turned to psychiatry after realizing that she identified with people’s stories. In Courno’s biography, “City of One”, she reflects on her past. At an early age, Cournos lost both of her parents, her father at three years old and her mother when she was eleven years old. The loss of two attachment figures at such an early age had a profound affect on Cournos for the rest of her life. Cournos analyzes her experiences as a child, young adult, and womanhood and uses her findings to contribute to explanations of her thoughts and feelings. Cournos aims to provide readers with insight into the various ways children are affected throughout life by the death of
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The description of avoidant attachment matches Cournos’ description of herself. Cournos doesn’t trust those around her to not leave her. Cournos states:
“But I didn’t need a rational explanation for his erratic behavior, since I knew that sooner or later everyone deserted me” this is evidence of her mistrust in others. She is in constant fear that those around her will either desert her – like her mother’s family did- or they will die like her mother and father. This mistrust in others follows Cournos for most of her adult life. Because of Cournos’s fear that people will leave her, she is fiercely independent. “If you don’t like that answer, don’t accept me, because no one tells me what to do!” (Cournos, 2006, p. 162) this statement, declared by Cournos, reflects her dependency on no one but herself. In fact, Cournos is desperately fearful of becoming close to people because she doesn’t want to be emotionally dependent on them. Cournos says “One side insisted on managing without being close to anyone, said its just not worth it, people are too unreliable…” (Cournos, 2006, p. 154) this quote is an example of how Cournos wants to avoid emotional interdependency. She doesn’t want to get close to someone and allow him or her into her world and in turn becoming emotionally dependent on someone. Cournos tries to suppress her emotions so that

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