Essay on City Of Beacon And The State Of Water

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City of Beacon’s Update on the State of Water
Water plays a significant part in our lives without us realizing its benefit until we are at risk to be deprived of having water. Currently, the city of Beacon is at risk of having a water shortage, if necessary, measures are not being taken on proper time. Although, the citizens of Beacon are fortunate to have an abundance of water supply at the moment however it is not sufficiently based on current circumstance. In this report, the present water situation of Beacon will be detailed, by providing an analysis in addition to resolutions to stop this water predicament since it is not sustainable.
Summary of Beacon’s Water Condition:
The population size always has an impact on the water usage; it either upsurges the water usage or decreases it. In the situation of the City of Beacon, its population has been stable at around 15,000 for the year of 2000. Conversely, the water usage has ascended through that time period. At present the city uses 2.4 million gallons of water on per daily basis; however, it has been up from 1.8 million gallons of water usage a day in the year of 2000. As it can be stated, while the population has continued to be in the same city, the usage of water among its population has been altered significantly. Besides, 500 new housings will be added to the city as well, which will increase the population size of the city. Additionally, throughout the summer of 2015, the city has agonized from a drought. This has…

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