City Lights : A Romantic Comedy Essay

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As society develops, the arts inevitably develop with it; classic vinyls turn into cassettes that eventually become digitally transferred mp3 files. However, just as Urban Outfitters has created the return of the vinyl by selling the young adult demographic fantasy of the reversion to what the older generation called “real music”; the appeal of black and white films is the fantasy of a simpler time of flapper dresses and men laying their coats down for women to walk over. It is for this nostalgic reason that Charlin Chaplin’s City Lights has survived as a classic silent film for over eighty years. Released in 1931, City Lights is a romantic comedy that follows the story of the Tramp, a clumsy man with a humorous mustache, who develops an unlikely relationship with a blind girl and saves an alcoholic millionaire from suicide. While this film is still popular today, there are many aspects of the story that have become no longer relatable to the modern day audience that may prevent it from being “timeless”. Similarly, Michel Hazanavicius’s The Artist is a 2011 black and white silent film that follows the relationship between a famous silent film actor (George Valentin) and an up-and-coming actress (Peppy Miller), whose career quickly surpasses his as the silent film becomes outdated. Echoing aspects of and influences from Charlie Chaplin’s personal life, this film has the advantage of possessing all the appeal of black and white silent films with the added bonus of being…

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