City Between Worlds Hong Kong Analysis

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City Between Worlds : My Hong Kong takes the reader to the metropolitan city of Hong Kong, exploring its colonial past and uncertain future. In this uniquely sized tome Lee travels through the bustling city, highlighting events that occurred and recalling buildings and landmarks that have since been demolished or relocated. In eight detailed and informative chapters, Lee discusses the structure of the city as it is today compared to its past, Hong Kong’s colonial past, and the values and lifestyles of the Hong Kongese. Lee, a long term Hong Kong resident born in Mainland China explores the city from a unique perspective as he provides a view that is neither native, an expat, nor a colonist but a combination of the three; this, in a way, is fitting considering Hong Kong’s identity as a city is neither fully Chinese nor completely colonial. Lee’s book is an interesting read, as it guides you through Hong Kong while explaining historical and cultural significance of the landmarks and the city itself. However, he insists his book is not necessarily a guidebook (1) but more of a record to capture the dwindling collective memory of Hong Kong residents about Hong Kong and their lived culture (4). In the …show more content…
In chapter six, “New Territories, Ancient Traditions” Lee reflects on this curiosity. Since the 1960s the Hong Kong government keeps in mind feng shui when considering new construction as special funds were set aside to appease for “religious” purposes; this is due to the opposition the government encountered by local leaders and Man Fu ceremonies are performed to the appropriate deity (189). As the colonial government did not interfere with local customs, the rituals stayed in practice even though they have died out in Mainland China due to the banning of religion by the Communist government

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