Citizenship Education For A Democratic Society Essay

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Citizenship Citizenship education has become a keystone of democratic governments such as those found in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and the United States. Other forms of state government (autocracies, oligarchies, monarchies, theocracies, et al.) impose limitations on the rights of its citizens, so therefore the majority of their population will never need to learn what it takes to actually participate in government, and they just learn to follow the mandated laws or else face the consequences. The ability to actively function in a democratic society is not instinctual; it is in fact a learned skill. In her research, L. Alison Molina-Giron (2016) describes how the study of citizenship has become fundamental to democracies because “citizenship education must prepare youngsters to [actively participate]… in their nation’s civic and political life. Indeed, democracy not only requires its citizens’ direct and continuous involvement in matter of public decision-making…it [strengthens]… it and benefits from it” (p. 144). So therefore, in a democracy every generation must be properly trained so as to take their rightful place in both society and government and that is made possible through the study citizenship. Before going any further, a common misnomer must be addressed. Many individuals will use the term patriotism when describing citizenship. It must be stipulated that citizenship and patriotism are not the same. The study of citizenship will prepare children so as…

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