Citizen Kane's Last Word 'Rosebud'

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Citizen Kane is known as one of the best movies ever made, and I have to say I do agree with this statement. This movie is composed of a group of reporters trying to discover what was meant by Charlie Kane’s last word “Rosebud”. This movie shows different people giving different perspectives on Kane and his life style. From the interviews conducted by the journalists, we gathered that Kane was not born into a wealthy family, however, he was given up by his parents (more by his mother) so he could have a ‘better life’. Kane then grew up to be a very wealthy man from his newspaper business. While Kane had everything a person could dream of, he still managed to die a lonely death. In this movie, we saw that Kane was never truly happy since the day he left his parent’s cabin. …show more content…
That snow globe reminded him of that happiness he had when he was younger, and no matter how much money he had, or how loved he was by the people; he still could not find true happiness. At the ending of this essay, there’s a question that asked “If we knew what rosebud is?” My answer is both yes and no, because while we can infer that it is connected to his childhood and his happiness, we do not know for sure if that’s the case. The movie didn’t give us a full straight answer as what “Rosebud” was, it’s up to the audience to decide that. The only person that knows what Kane meant by the word “Rosebud” is Citizen

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