Essay on Citizen Kane By Orson Welles

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Society has created expectations that individuals are suppose to follow. There’s a planned play by play of how everyone’s life should go. You’re first suppose to school and get an education. When you are getting your education as a youth, you’re allowed to explore and experience hobbies you may enjoy such as sports and arts. As you grow closer to age where society considers individuals adults, one must have their life planned out. Careers, marriage, children, retirement, and all little challenges in between. Some are adults when the age 18 rolls around and they’re considered ready in society’s expectations. Others still feel as if they’re children. They feel they aren’t ready to move, to complete the convections society has in place for them. Then there’s the limiting few that believe they are ready, but once a circumstance comes that makes them realize they’re in the real world, they run. Leaving all the conventions of society unfulfilled. In Orson Welles’ film, Citizen Kane, Charles Foster Kane is trying to win the love of the people in his life by breaking all the conventions that he was taught in his youth. As he grows in age, he conforms to the morals taught to him as a child. This creates a habitat of wanting to control people in situations. Kane portrays this by controlling who loves him and how. This switch between personal conventions in an attempt to have control over people. This conveys Kane’s character flaw, preventing him from being able to develop into the…

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