Citizen Journalism : Public, Participatory Or Street Journalism?

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Citizen journalism is defined as public, participatory or street journalism. Citizen journalism is based upon public citizens playing an active role on collecting data and be intermittent on social media. With the increasing development of social media, citizens have been posting, tweeting and reporting on-the-spot news. At present, most citizens have been practicing citizen journalism effectively. However, with that, there might be a few risks and opportunities that come when practicing citizen journalism. The opportunity is seen with the rising of technology that helps citizens report news and how it creates open-minded ideas to society. In contrast, the risks are seen when citizens poses as competitors to professional journalism, practicing unprofessionalism and breaking the professional codes First off, citizen journalism has been increasing with the rising development of technology on most social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etcetera. This is because technology has constantly modernized the society giving ‘everyday people’ a chance to shine. (O’Sullivan & Heinonen, 2008) argues that journalists have been given the opportunity to work with more study research tools. This connects with how technology has been benefiting journalists to have more info to work with to produce better articles. Furthermore; citizens have become highly-paid commodities to publishers because publishers have been paying large sums to obtain information from online blog sites that is run…

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