Citizen Cane Essay example

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“Citizen Cane”


Fran-Marie Grant

English Comp I EN1010

10/28/13 The White Settlement area was settled beginning in
1850. The first settlers were farmers from other states such as Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, etc. The area was referred to as White Settlement because it was the only community outside the fort (Fort Worth) that was settled entirely by white people. All of the other communities were mixed Indian and Whites. The area was about 10 miles west of the Fort. Early settlers were harassed by hostile Indians...but soon made friends of them and did considerable trading with those in the area. The land was rich and produced bumper crops of corn, grain, etc. A mill was
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I’ve lived in this community as an adult, at the same address for 22 years. My community in White Settlement has recently seen a substantial number of properties crimes such as theft, burglaries and criminal mischief and numerous violent crimes as well. All crime should be mentioned, as they too have been an issue with their numbers becoming alarming high too. The numbers are my guide to understanding the impact it’s having in our community. Myself and my fellow neighbors have never been faced with the fear of having to lock our doors or our vehicle. I could leave my door open at any hour and feel absolutely safe. I as a parent of a young teenage girl, I am now having more of an issue with her safety and the dangers that I fear for her now, as I should be. But I was not as cautious with her brother many years ago, as I’ve become lately. Good ole suburbia has been robbed of its innocence. I guess, I was, in a manner of speaking, become comfortable with the idea that it would never change. I, in my mind, thought we would always have that comfort and safety of this community. I wanted to raise my family here, for reason I grew up with and believed in. I am guilty, as so many of us are, for having that way of thinking, it won’t happen to me, or to my community type of mentality. This is not a racial or ethnic issue. It has become infested with drug activity so rampant it caught some of us off guard. The criminal behavior

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