Citi Program Essay

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Question 1
Question : Which of the following studies is linked most directly to the establishment of the National Research Act in 1974 and ultimately to the Belmont Report and Federal regulations for human subject protection?
Your answer : Stanford Prison Experiment (Zimbardo).
Correct Answer : The Public Health Service Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.
Comment :
Points Earned : 0
Question 2
Question : The Belmont principle of beneficence requires that:
Your answer : Potential benefits justify the risks of harm.
Correct Answer : Potential benefits justify the risks of harm.
Comment :
Points Earned : 1
Question 3
Question : Humphreys collecting data for the Tearoom Trade study under the pretense that he
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Your answer : A researcher receives anonymized data for secondary analysis from a survey about gender-related differences in stress levels conducted by a colleague at another university.
Correct Answer : An experiment is proposed on the relationship between gender-related stereotypes in math and the subsequent performance by males and females on math tests.
Comment : In the study of the effects of evoking stereotypes on subsequent performance, the researcher has a research question and will be manipulating the behavior of individuals. An in-house study conducted with the intention of improving a department's mentoring programs is not research with human subjects, but rather program improvement. Receiving data with no identifiers is not research with human subjects because there is no interaction or intervention with a living human being and no collection of private identifiable data. In addition, creating a report for a membership organization does not involve a research question, as defined by the federal regulations, so it too is not research with human subjects.
Points Earned : 0
Question 3
Question : According to the federal regulations, which of the following studies meets the definition of research with human subjects?
Your answer : Undergraduate students in a field methods class are assigned a research question and asked to interview another classmate, to be followed by a class discussion on interview

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