Essay on Cisco Systems

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Cisco Systems: Solving Business Problems Through Collaboration

1. Discuss the nature of the market structure and the demand for Cisco’s products.
The nature of the market structure and demand of Cisco Systems is its business market which contains fewer but larger companies. For Cisco Systems, this implies that even though they have fewer clients than other companies, they still have a good and profitable relationship with their clients. For the customers of Cisco Systems, this implies that they will receive better and faster service and products because they don’t have to compete for the attention and service of Cisco Systems. The business market is derived from final consumer demand which means Cisco Systems must
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People always want to be on top so clients are more likely to replace existing routers and switches with new spec models. The services of Cisco also fall into this classification if this is something that a client has previously purchased.
New-task: The world is expanding when it comes to the new technology giving us new users, which is why many of Cisco’s products and most of its services fall into this classification. The new task buying situation is when a buyer purchases a product or services for the first time. For example, Gale International, the construction company for New Songdo City, took on an all-new venture when the company contracted Cisco to supply the technology needs for the city. The various things that require the services and products of Cisco represent new tasks. 3. What specific customer benefits will likely result from the Cisco products mentioned in the case? From wireless internet routers, cyber security now with its improved telecommunication network and system. Cisco Company has now evolved from a hardware company into a service entity that caters good flow of information service to its customers. I would like to point out Cisco Products core benefit to its customer would be breaking communication barriers within the entity itself and to its suppliers and customers. With the company's "Smart + Connected Communities initiative" and "Web Based Communities" Cisco is determined to

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