Cisco Systems. Inc.: Implemcnting Erp Essay

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1) What accounted for the success of the project? First, right decision and support of top leaders. After the Company CEO Morgridge approved the ERP project in the board of directors, he introduced the project to all the employees, so that employees of the company knew that the ongoing project was the highlight of the company, thereby it reduced the resistance to reform. Second, CISCO Systems, Inc. retained a centralized management of the functional organization structure to ensure a stable organizational basis for promoting a significant innovation. Third, a powerful elites team. The project team composed of excellent IT elites, and organization motivated them efficiently in order to make them respond to the challenges …show more content…
Third, they chose the right partners. The powerful partners were significant for them to innovation. From analyzing and comparing, Cisco finally decided KPMG and Oracle to be its partners, which were capable and efficient. KPMG provided a technical team with the experienced people in the industry. Oracle provided better manufacturing capacity and promises regarding the long-term development of functionality in the package. Additionally, it was flexibility offered by Oracle’s being close by. Fourth, they changed the system strategy timely when they realized the existing software was not able to match the new system. What did they do wrong: They did something wrong in testing the system. They didn’t test the system with a big enough database even though they had a huge database. And they ran individual processes sequentially rather than at the same time. Additional, they used a database that only loaded partial data, these leaded to that when all the processes ran on a database that is fully converted to the database, and the system lacked the ability to deal with the required load. 3) How did they manage unanticipated problems? When the managers realized that they had to modify the existing system, they started to formulate new strategies and methods to deal with the unanticipated problems. For the gap of the system, the team took measures to design a method to classify and evaluate the defects individually. And the team started to

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