Cisco Case Essay

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CISCO case analysis

Introduction and background

As one of the largest makers of computer network gear Cisco provides a broad line of products for transportation of data, voice and video all over the globe. Cisco is one of the big impacts on how we connect as people, communicate and collaborate. Cisco are focused on the delivery of intelligent networks, technology and business architecture built on integrated products, services, and software platforms to its customers. This case is going to analyze the ERP rollout that took place after system failures in the years 1994-1995.

Cisco was founded by two Stanford computer scientists in 1984 and brought public in 1990. In 1997, Cisco featured in the list of Fortune 500 companies and
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1. Assemble a broad product line so Cisco can serve as one-stop shopping for business networks. 2. System acquisitions as an efficient business process. 3. Set industrywide software for networking 4. Pick the tight strategic partners

After Cisco’s legacy environment failed could no longer ignore that the existing system was no longer capable of handling what Cisco needed from it. Cisco needed a new EPR product and Cisco’s management team realized that they needed to find the very best people they could find. The chose to go for the option that Oracle provided that would replace their outdated system with an ERP solution that included what they were looking for. They committed to do it in nine months for a total price of $15 million. After getting the approval from the board they made it clear to everybody at Cisco that this project was a priority for the business. In order to make sure that they were able to “Go Live” on January 20, 1995 they made a milestone plan (Nolan, 2005, p. 18) that had the most important dates they needed to follow.



Task | 1(poor) – 5 (excellent) | Implementation | | Teamwork | 5 | Timeliness | 4 | Group collaboration | 5 | Cost-efficiency | 5 | Long term benefits | | Company | 5 | Customer | 5 | Short term benefits | | Company | 3 | Customer | 2 | Timeframe | | Planning

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