Case Study Cisco's Corporate Social Responsibility

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Positive Corporate Social Responsibility
Cisco, the world renown information technology and networking company, has been able to build a great reputation by connecting with the appeal to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in various stakeholders. There are dozens of success stories that model the CSR ways of Cisco. Its CSR reports titled, Accelerating Global Problem Solving, outline the forefront of ingenuities that are benefiting local communities and making Cisco an enriching place for employees to find a career. According to many, Cisco is taking over as one of the leading, global CSR companies.
Stakeholder: Suppliers As CSR becomes incorporated as a part of procurement, other corporations are directly influence by the
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Their work clearly revolves around innovation and giving back to the community. It is apparent that Cisco has been able to contribute to the success of various stakeholders in regard to handling their CSR, while also standing true to their values. They have been able to ensure that their CSR values remain relevant to their business mission. One of the most well-known engineering companies across the world, they have a very reputable image because of their commitment to the well-being of those they work with and beyond.
Negative Corporate Social Responsibility
Though Cisco has various positive CSR initiatives under their belt, they still face accusations of negative CSR in regard to human rights. Each company tends to have a downfall or controversy in regard to how they handle a particular issue of corporate social responsibility and it is unclear as to how serious Cisco took the accusations of the negative CSR rumors that were brought upon them in previous years. The biggest question facing the world is, "Do companies bear a responsibility if they customize products that smother free speech or weed out activists?" (Reitman, 2014).
Stakeholder: Human Rights/Global
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The court ruled that it was a political question that should not be a court case and suggested that the export laws allows Cisco to have their involvement. In addition, the Chinese government claimed none of the killings or human rights breaches were policies, so they could not be charged on them. The Chinese have been using products and services of Cisco to monitor Internet use including controlling content, restricting and blocking access to foreign website, and punishing those found breaching

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