CIS502 Week 10 Technical Term Papaer Essay

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Risk Assessment
Louis F DeWeaver III
Strayer University

CIS502 Week 10 Technical Paper: Risk Assessment
Instructor: Dr. Alaba Oluyomi
March 12, 2014

The network diagram of Global Finance, Inc. (GFI) depicts the layout of the company’s mission critical systems. The company has two servers (Email and the Oracle database) which are used more than any of their other systems. GFI heavily depend on their network to be stable because of their financial systems that are running and any outage would negatively affect their operations and financial situation. Like all other business, customer satisfaction and the security of GFI’s network is crucial. In order to ensure their network and data is secure,
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Network Diagram scenario The GFI network diagram depicts how fast the company in relation to the amount of network devices and other equipment. GFI network seems to be built to be resilient as well as being fault tolerant. However, the company has failed to keep the networks security up to date in relation to the growth of the network. So the main focus should be on network security.
GFI needs to implement equipment level policies that will strengthen its network security. These policies should include such things as: updated hardware configurations, well maintained and updated hardware firmware and OS’s, Intrusion detection systems, system backups, real-time monitoring of the network and hardware configurations, immediate investigation of any and all security issues that are related to the network infrastructure.
Since GFI has experienced prior interruptions due to network attacks, it makes since to assume that it is more of a possibility that an interruption could occur. So in order to assess the risks to GFI’s network we can use a simple formula that includes means + motive x opportunity x business Impact over Controls that would equal the risks.

Below is a diagram of how the risk to the network will be determined.

I can make the following assumptions based on the network diagram and the other information that was supplied. The network design seems to lack proper firewall coverage.

Describe and defend your assumptions as there is no

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