Cis499 Essay

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Business Requirements for ADCA
Professor Dr. Phillip Duncan
Strayer University
CIS 499 Information Systems Capstone

Business Requirement Plan
Currently our system consist of SQL database sitting on 5 Cisco servers onsite. I plan to have that changed to oracle databases in a virtual world and out sourcing the cloud storage. Our current data warehouse is at ten terabytes. This is expected to increase by twenty percent a year therefore this must also be taken into account when searching for a provider of cloud storage. This will save on cost of equipment and also space. This savings of cost and space will be used to hire more technical personnel such as an oracle database administrator and a JavaScript programmer.
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Description of the ACDA Project The modernization of the IT department for ACDA will consist of five phases. The planning, analysis, design, implementation and infrastructure with security phase. This project will stay simple and short to ensure the most efficient use of resources and funds is achieved. We will upgrade operating systems, install new security features, switch to cloud storage while upgrading the amount of storage and hire new personnel to maintain and manage the success of this endeavor.
Definition and Scope of the Project
The scope of the project is to have ADCA’s network upgraded and running no later than sixty days after start of project. This project will upgrade the current ten terabyte data warehouse to cloud storage with enough room to grow by twenty percent a year for the next five years. It will also accomplish upgrading our databases and operating systems to more efficient and security minded software. There are milestones in place to ensure that the project stays on track and a weekly notification will be given to all sponsors and stakeholders as to the current progress. The success of this project will be achieved by dividing the project into five smaller projects making the project easy to deliver and not overly complicated. The estimated completion date is December 21st, 2013.
What measures will Control the Scope
Some possible changes to scope might be cost, schedule, quality and morale of

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