Cis/336 Ilab 3 of 7 - Sql Course Essay examples

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CIS/336 iLab 3 of 7 - SQL Course

Beginning with this lab, and continuing through the remaining weeks you will be doing all of your work in Oracle itself. The editor interface to the Oracle server is SQL*Plus, and by now you have received your logon ID and password and should have at least made sure you can connect. If for any reason you have not done so, please do so now before continuing any further. If for any reason you cannot connect then you need to let the instructor know ASAP so that
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Lastly, you will write SELECT statements to query the tables and verify the data was populated.
Narrative/Case Study
For this lab, you be working with command-line SQL to build a series of relational tables, using SQL CREATE statements in a script file format for the Student Database and then populate those tables through the use of INSERT statements with sample data.

You will need to create a script file and name it YourName_Lab3.txt containing the following code:
The drop table statements listed later in the specifications of this lab.
The CREATE TABLE statements required to build the seven (7) tables.
The INSERT statements necessary to insert all of the sample data.
Seven select statements to verify that the data is in the tables and accessible.

To help you accomplish this task successfully, you are being supplied with the following three documents which can be found in the Doc Sharing tab on the course website:
A Relationship Diagram of the database showing in graphical form the 1:M relationships between the tables (336_Lab3_Relationship_Diagram.doc).
A Meta Data chart providing information about table names, column names, etc. Be sure to follow this reference exactly when constructing your CREATE TABLE statements (336_Lab3_Data_Dict.xls).
A listing of sample data to use when writing the INSERT statements to populate the

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