Cis and Technology Essay

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The pace of technological improvement is running at an exponentially increasing rate. While this has been true for several decades, the pace today makes capital investment in technology as much an asset as a handicap because a competitor may wait for the next-generation technology, which may only be a year away, and then use it to achieve an advantage. Of course waiting to be that competitor can be equally risky. What’s a CEO to do? Similarly, the ability for even the best of technologists to stay informed about emerging technology is in conflict with the need to master a company's current technology. The problem to be solved is to develop a long-term technology strategy while remaining flexible enough to take advantage of unforeseen …show more content…
In the store unless someone walks off with your card rather than swiping and returning immediately it’s not much of an issue. There are a lot of things to consider when ordering things off the internet. For example the site being a security trusted site. As an online shopper you begin to learn what sites are trusted and ones that aren’t. Most foreign websites cannot be trusted because it’s not trusted sites and it becomes an easy target for people to steal information. A lot of people don’t realize that you have to be careful with the use of Wi-Fi and hotspots. If it is an open network there is a chance that people can access your information with just a click of a button. The safest way to use Wi-Fi these days are to use connection that require a security password.
In order for the sporting goods store to be protected the company should come up with a safer way for customers to make online transaction without the hassle of their information being stolen. If the company made the online store a trusted site it would ensure security for the customer to enter their information. A customer wants to be able to shop on their favorite site without the worry of their information being stolen. It also effects the company because if the site isn’t protected the company begins to lose customers. Which means the company loses a lot of money.
Due to the low security of the sporting goods store there were many customer complaints. There are many

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