Cis 210 Midterm Exam Answers Essay

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CIS 210 Midterm Exam Answers
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Question 10
In a preliminary investigation report, the ____ contain(s) a brief description of the system, the name of the person or group performing the investigation, and the name of the person or group who initiated the investigation.
Question 11
A systems project seldom produces significant changes in company operations.
Question 12
Even if users have difficulty with a new system, it still will produce the expected benefits.
Question 13
The first step in evaluating feasibility is to accept and include all systems requests, even those that are not feasible.
Question 14
In developing time and cost estimates, project managers must consider _____.
Question 15
In a sequence diagram, a lifeline is identified by a(n) ____ line.
Question 16
When you identify use cases, it is important to keep all related transactions separate.
Question 17
A class diagram resembles a horizontal flowchart that shows the actions and events as they occur.
Question 18
In a state transition diagram, the circle to the left is the final state.
Question 19
Unlike a DFD, a class diagram is a logical model, which evolves into a physical model and finally becomes a functioning information system.
Question 20
A data dictionary specifies a data element’s ____, which is the set of values permitted for the data element.
Question 21
A ____ description documents the

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