Essay about Cis 210 Assignment 1

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Vik Shingadia

CIS 210


Week 2: Assignment 1

Mark Stone

Contents Introduction: 4 The Required Equipments : 4 Maintenance : 6 The Total Cost involved In The Creation The System : 8 Workflow Diagram : 9 Conclusion : 10 References : 11

Introduction: During dinner my sister talked about how she was frustrated with having to manually tack and reorder high demand items. She asked me if I could help her with an automated system, but has a very small budget. These days particularly in the past 10 years, even many smaller businesses have understood that computerized inventory management systems are very useful, accurate and make their jobs much easier than doing the same things manually. Inventory
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For start up we will begin with the use of the inflow inventory system from Archon Systems. The software will help my sister to take orders and deduct items out of the inventory with a single click. This software will also generate reports, one of which will show the demand for a given product. We will also setup the laptop with wireless internet access which will enable her to conduct sales and do inventory with the same equipment using a wireless barcode scanner. These are what we should have as minimum equipment to setup an accurate inventory management system:

1. Laptop or Desktop Computer- Laptop or computer with wireless access can allow to her to manage her sales and create or manage inventory items. 2. Wireless Router – The wireless router will assure wireless access point for the laptop or computer. This modifies laptop to be mobile for inventory goals. 3. Barcode scanner – A barcode scanner is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. This barcode scanner will be used with the mobile laptop for sales and inventory. 4. Barcode label printer – A barcode label printer is computer hardware for printing barcode labels or tags that will be attached to the inventory. 5. Printers/ Faxes – This equipment can be used for make an order, send faxes, print receipts, reports or etc... Of course all of this equipment costs a portion of the profits. It depends on the business how much money can be expended on an inventory system. If

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