Cis 155: Assignment 1 Essay

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The Different Flavors of Linux
CIS 155: Operating Systems

Depending on your personal preference and need, there are a variety of operating systems available to users today. Whether it’s MAC OS, UNIX, Windows, etc they each have their own aspects and appeal that draw users in. The spotlight however, for the duration of this paper will be placed on a derivative of the UNIX family of operating system, Linux. The topics covered will include the history to include a handful of versions (distributions). Beginning with the history of Linux, in 1984, Richard Stallman, a programmer that was working for the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, left his position with a vision of software
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Finally there is the fresh install which formats your existing hard drive and installs Linux removing any other operating system that may have been present. The first Linux distribution covered, Fedora (also known as Fedora Core) was created by a group of people around the world that formed the Fedora Project which was sponsored by Red Hat. The Fedora claim is that “Not only is the Fedora operating system made from free software, but we use free software exclusively to provide it to you”. The Fedora project also supports a network of developers and software teams around the world known as “Upstream” to provide the software found in Fedora which includes the software required to modify the system as well. The core values of the Fedora project are “freedom, friends, features and first”. This means the advancement of free software by a network of people working together in a manner that makes the software more versatile and familiar all while offering two system updates a year to provide the most up-to-date software. Next is Ubuntu, whose name is also an African word meaning 'humanity to others', and is the most common Linux distribution. Ubuntu was first released in October 2004, created by Mark Shuttleworth and a small team of developers backed by an organization known as Canonical. The distribution is also revered for its predictable release schedule of every six months with

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