Essay on Circumcision As A Medical Procedure

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Circumcise Male Infants?
Circumcision is “surgical removal of foreskin of penis” (Pillitteri, 2014, p. 481). The procedure holds a deep spiritual significance in many religions. “Circumcision as a medical procedure arose in Britain and the United States in the late 19th century” (Canadian Paediatric Society, 2015). Circumcision not only holds health benefits, but reduces the risks that may cause potential harm to the child in the future and their sexual partners. Parents make the decision if they want their son to be circumcised or not. They have the right to be informed from health care providers about the procedure and teachings so that they can make an informed decision. In the past, every male was circumcised. Today, circumcision has become a private surgery, which is performed by an experienced surgeon or specialist and the cost for it is not covered by Alberta Health. If parents or caregivers wish to have their son circumcised, they have to book an appointment and fee for circumcision has been usually about $200 dollars for newborns in Alberta. “The neonatal period is recognized as the safest time for circumcision and, in experienced hands, the risks are minimal” (Harbinson, 2015, p.249).

Examine the Impact on Health of Children
Circumcision “procedure is best performed the first or second day of life” (Pillitteri, 2014, p.481). The procedure cannot be performed immediately after birth, due to low vitamin K in infant’s body which is important to…

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