Essay Circumcision, A Well Known Medical Procedure

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Circumcision, a well-known medical procedure, is the removal of a male’s foreskin on the penis or an elimination of all or part of the clitoris of a female. Being a highly controversial topic, circumcision is barely spoken about amongst communities. Although circumcision is performed on both males and females and in many countries, views on the topic vary and perceptions of right or wrong are constantly debated. As the topic is discussed, one popular topic that may come up is whether performing circumcision is protecting children from future health issues or is it simply scaring the young generation for life.Individuals’ arguments about having circumcision performed can be based on their religion, cultural beliefs, health benefits, personal preference, or perhaps family traditions. Each of these reasons can be the deciding factor of whether or not a parent wants their child to be circumcised. If one’s own belief isn’t efficient enough to make a decision for a baby, doctors tend to distribute their professional opinions on what arrangements should be made. Doctors generally convince parents to follow through with the procedure because of its benefits they will encounter in the future. In reality, numerous parents have a lack of knowledge when it comes to the procedure but merely view it as a norm only because it has been around for countless years. As stated above, in male circumcision, only the prepuce that covers the head of the penis is removed. Male circumcision…

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