Circle Symbol Black Elk Essay

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The circle/hoop has many significant uses and purposes in the daily life of the Sioux. Many items and plans have a circle integrated into them. For example, the Sioux hold on to trust, relations, and connections. Another reason why the tribe values a circle, is because of their beliefs and ideas of the gods. When the tribe sets up the village, the people circle around the most powerful figures in the tribe. Not only do they live like a circle, they also have dances and rituals in a circular pattern. The hoop is a sacred and important figure to the entire tribe. To keep their religious life healthy, the Sioux often have offerings, honoring the spirits, and they have dances and rituals. When they have their spiritual activities, they form …show more content…
Every time the crier tells the people to leave, they listen without hesitation because of trust which helps them live better and gain more power by living smoothly like the hoop. There are some beliefs and ideas that influence the significance of the hoop to the tribe. Black Elk states that the Sioux's god does everything in circular shapes "Everything the Power of the World does is done in a circle" (Neihardt 155). For that reason, the tribe follows the god and tries to do everything in circles to be more powerful and better. Black Elk and other tribe members built homes of log between Wounded Knew Creek and Grass Creek "It is a bad way to live, for there can be no power in a square" (Neihardt 155). If they do not do things in circles, then they believe they will have no power and become weak. The Wasichus put the tribes into square boxes and they claimed that it took longer to mature the boys and have the power they had before. The hoop proves to be a very important figure in the book. In many of the dances and items the tribe uses, a hoop is integrated into it. For example the teepee bases, village formation, and many more have a circular shape in them which makes them more powerful. This sacred figure also provides safety and helps the tribe survive. By trusting and helping each other without deceiving anyone helps the tribe run smoothly and

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