Cipd Diploma 5elw Employment Law Essay

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Qualification Title: CIPD Intermediate Diploma in HRM
Unit Title: Employment Law
Unit Code: 40592/07
Assignment number: Assignment 7 (5ELW)

Word count: 3293

The main reasons Organisations change are strategic, operational and transformational; all to meet organisational and business objectives. This may mean companies are rapidly growing or conversely re-structuring and cutting costs and making redundancies. Change management is the process to ensure a smooth transition to implement the necessary changes needed, taking
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The demand for employees to carry out the work for which they are employed has diminished
Redundancy has a number of processes that must be followed: * There must be a consultation period, during which the redundancy and it’s terms are communicated to the workforce. This period depends the number of employees who will be laid off. For 20-99 employees the duration of consultation must be at least 30 days, for more than 100 employees, the period must be 90 days. Failure to comply to this may lead to compensation claims. * During the consultation the employer must agree the selection to be used with either employee representatives of Trade Unions – in this case the selection would be these employees with no desire to relocate. Once the pool has been identified, individual consultations should take place with each employee who is shortlisted for redundancy. This is where potential objections and arguments are addressed and discussed, after which the final decision is made whether the employee is redundant or not. Failure to be available for relocation or travel if a company is relocating, would mean the employee would face redundancy. * The minimum compensation payable to employees is set out by employment statutes, which are based on age, length of service and current salary. Employers may have their own redundancy compensation levels which will be above the statutory minimum and

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