Cipd Assignment 1 Dep Essay

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According to Beevers and Rea (2010), "An effective L&D practitioner knows what is required of them and enjoys building their capability to meet the requirements. Once they have developed a sound base of essential skills and knowledge continues to seek new learning experiment with approaches and keep renewing their abilities as learning and development professionals".
"L&D job titles include: Trainer, L&D Consultant, Training Adviser, and Training
Hence CIPD –as per Beevers and Rea (2010)," is the professional body for 'those responsible for the management and development of people within organization ' "- has developed the HR Profession Map to measure and advice employee in how to develop their knowledge, Behaviors
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So to be in band 1 you have to have the knowledge, skills and abilities and behaviors to suit
Let us look at leading and managing the human resources function in Band 2 needs to be driven, courage to challenge and curious in order to suit this profession.

Continuing professional Development (CPD):
CPD is

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