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Introduction Page 3

Project Planning Page 3

Risk Assessment Page 4

Creative Thinking Page 5

Working Together / Conflict Page 6

Political Behaviour Page 7

Recommendations Page 9

Conclusion Page 9

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Within the confines of this report we will investigate the 6 keys headline statements in delivering the finding. These are the project plan, risk assessment, creative thinking, and team working and conflict, political behaviour, ending with formal recommendations.
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‘Insufficient day-to-day supervision of work is still the largest single reason for lost productivity.’ (Mullins 2005:833)

3. Creative Thinking
The aspect of the project that best fits a creative approach is how the project recruits applicants into the organisation. This fits the requirements made by the CEO that they’re looking for a higher calibre of employees that are able to engage with the workforce. This will require a different approach and a move away from traditional routes.

‘Everyone can be a creative thinker; it is a state of mind and a set of skills’. (Horn 2012: 159). To encourage a more creative approach in the team, models such as Mind Mapping, blind, negative and positive brainstorming (Horn 2012:156) would be use in the team on a regular basis. This would work towards promoting open discussion, through using tool that draw on right side brain activity that stimulate creativity and to develop an environment where people feel comfortable to contribute ideas and solutions to problems. ‘So using the right side of the brain we tend to draw things as they are rather than as we know them to be. It represents innocence which plays a role in creativity, particularly artistic expression’. (De Bono 1985) Serious Creative

Paramount to this approach working is a project team of engaged staff that have

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