Cipd 3 Rto Essay

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Resourcing Talent RTO 3.
Activity 1
Produce a report of approximately 750 words, in which you identify and assess 4 factors that affect an organisation’s approach to both attracting talent and recruitment and selection. Identify and explain 3 organisational benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. Describe 3 methods of recruitment and 3 methods of selection.

1.1 Explain the organisational benefits of a diverse workforce.
Publisher Malcolm Forbes once said that 'diversity is the art of thinking independently together.'
Diversity is vital in today's workplace. Having a diverse workforce opens up a wealth of possibilities and helps to encourage creativity and innovation.
Benefits include: * Positive company
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1.3 Describe the factors that affect an organisation’s recruitment and selection policy.
Recruiting and selecting the right people is paramount to the continued success of a company. The Recruitment and Selection Policy sets out how to ensure, that the best people are recruited and that the recruitment process is free from discrimination. In addition to some of the policy factors listed under outcome 1.2, government policies and the companies own needs can have an effect e.g. redeployment and redundancy candidates within the NHS effectively have first choice if a suitable position comes up despite the calibre or suitability of other potential candidates in accordance with Trust policy.

2.1 Describe different recruitment methods and identify when it is appropriate to use them.
3 methods or recruitment & selection: * Internal Company Resourcing;
Internal sourcing is the practice of advertising a position within a business to existing employees. More businesses have come to use internal sourcing as a method to recruit employees within the company because this can be very cost effective, expenses that include advertising for a new employee and running background checks are spared. Also little or no training is needed. This also inspires loyalty among staff because they feel valued and know the opportunities are there for them to progress. * External Company Resourcing;
External sourcing is a method of recruitment that conducts an

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