Cinematic Depictions Of Real Life Essay

1766 Words Dec 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Cinematic depictions of real life can sometimes be a bit fantastical or outside of what is seen as normal way to display story that holds some truth about reality, but it has always been that way, only in different form, in the early 1900’s there was The Great Gatsby in book form, that showed the American Dream and materialism has stemmed from it but now that we have the capabilities to produce realistic visual depictions people are weary of accepting cinematic depictions as credible. In recent years there have been a number of movies that have shared a number of flaws with the thinking that has been bred from the American Dream, including the 2015 film “The Bling Ring”. At first glance- probably the second glance as well- it looks like “escapists entertainment”, a movie about a group of dumb kids stealing from celebrities and the glorification of partying and doing drugs could be seen for the drivel that it would be, but if given the chance, the film will depict some glaring idiocies, deficiencies, and realization of mistakes made by people in society. The characters, while inspired in reality, also had this unbelievable naivety, lack of self-awareness, and complete disconnect from the best in human nature: empathy and ability judgment of right and wrong. The movie followed a teenage boy named Marc, who had low self-esteem and suffered from anxiety, going to a new school where he runs into a girl named Rebecca, she shows interest in him- completely platonic- and because he…

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