Cinema Class : An Example Of An Efficient And Extensive Discourse Community

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My Intro to Cinema class is an example of an efficient and extensive discourse community. Since the main goal of this community is to make films, there are plenty of opportunities provided to do just that. Film majors are often emailed exciting opportunities to go out and film things to gain experience. That’s the best part about this film class, it doesn’t only offer the typical lectures and readings, but also numerous opportunities to gain real filmmaking experience. In addition to making films, we get to meet real filmmakers outside of the classroom. There are frequently guest filmmakers that come and hold Q&A’s in the local Pollock Theater, sharing their knowledge and helping to build a smarter generation of filmmakers. In turn, these young filmmakers help the community by running many clubs such as the filmmakers club and the screenwriters club, which are designed specifically to help other students meet and work with other members of their community. The classroom serves as the foundation for this discourse community as well as for most discourse communities, but there is a limit to how much a classroom alone can give. To be a truly effective community of any sort, whether film or anything else, outside-the-classroom opportunities are necessary, and this Intro to Cinema class offers an abundant amount of such experiences such as joining clubs, filmmaking crews, and meeting with well-established industry figures.
The classroom serves as the foundation of the…

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