Essay on Cinderella Story Of The Black Cow

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Over the years, many versions of Cinderella have been written, each one is unique in itself but, they share just enough characteristics with the original tale that they can still be called a Cinderella story. One of the key characteristics of a Cinderella story is that there is a stepmother and stepchild. But it is deeper than that, throughout the history of this story the stepmother is always shown as being cruel towards her stepchild. Not only will the nature of the stepmothers’ cruelty be discussed but also the motivations behind them. This will be done through the analysis of three versions of the Cinderella story, “Yeh-Hsien”, “The Story of the Black Cow”, and “Lin Lan”.
The first story that this is evident in is Yeh-Hsien. In this story a man married a woman and had a daughter named Yeh-Hsien. Then his wife passed away and he remarried to another woman. They then lived happily for a few years, but the man too passed away, leaving his daughter with his wife, Yeh-Hsien’s stepmother. Once Yeh-Hsien’s father has passed away that is when her stepmother begins to show her benevolence towards her. The stepmother makes her stepdaughter do things that shouldn’t be asked of her, for example she “made her collect firewood in dangerous places and draw water from deep pools” (Norton 107). This shows that the stepmom is making her stepchild complete tasks that are far too unreasonable for her to do. It is cruel to ask a child do these things. But by showing that the stepmother is…

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