Cinderella Comparison: The Grimm's Brothers Vs. Walt Disney

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Cinderella” Comparison: The Grimm’s Brothers vs Walt Disney
“Cinderella” is a fairy tale from the Grimm brothers with a different twist that of the Disney version. Although there are many different versions in every culture, the Grimm brothers Germany version has some horrific events that occur. The Grimm’s fairytales are from many years ago that were meant to entertain adults, and they all have hidden messages that are not evident. In the Disney version “Cinderella” is a rags to riches fairy tale of an abused young girl who, with the help of her fairy godmother, meets her prince. Cinderella becomes an orphan girl who is forced in living with her wicked step mother and two step sisters. She becomes a servant in her own home as her step mother and step sisters order her around. They felt Cinderella showed a threat whose goodness made them more hateful than they were. She accepts this situation even though it is awfully dreadful and exhausting. She continuously showers them
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In Walt Disney’s “Cinderella”, there is a lot of magic, transformation, and musical. The animals show symbolism in both of tales and I feel this serves to further absorbs the interest of the child. Walt Disney’s version is a modest fairytale that is appropriate for children with a happy ending. In the Grimm’s “Cinderella” there is a lot of violence, aggressiveness, and much gruesomeness. The characters in the stories are about the same except for the fairy god mother. In both versions of the “Cinderella” story there is a lot of jealousy, greed, and love. The stories both show that being kind and loving is the appropriate way one should act. They also show that when someone chooses to be revengeful towards others misery will follow their action with punishment. I believe the stories also show that with determination to gain what you want you will find happiness in the

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