Cigarettes: The Causes And Effects Of Smoking

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The meaning of Smoking in the Oxford dictionary is the activity or habit of smoking cigarette. Cigarette bring many disadvantages to human body. Smoking tobacco will make you addicted in physical and physiological way. They craving to smoke tobacco when they did not get the cigarette in a long time. Some will tend to be hyper and some will be weak when they didn’t get to smoke. This is usually happen to a heavy smokers. They will feel addictive and easily get mad if they didn’t get smoking. Most of the smokers start their smoking habit from their teen ages. Even there is also people that start smoking since children. They have the feeling of trying new thing. Bad friend will influence their friend to start smoking. Some of them are also start smoking just to look cool to the others. Start smoking will make their health become worth than ever. There are some of the solution that can help in reduce the number of smokers in the world which is by motivation, ban advertisement banning and raising cigarette taxes.

As for the children, it will affect their respiratory system and they will get asthma since young. Smoking effect doesn’t only affect the
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It will make the sellers increase he cigarettes price also so that they could get the profit from there. This will reduce the number of smokers when they can’t afford to buy the cigarettes. They will attempt to quit smoking. This would affect the woman especially the pregnant mother because it will save thousand numbers of newborn baby from suffer many related health consequences after their birth. The increasing of the manufacturing price that happen in recent years do affect in sales of tobacco product (Reynolds, 2008). The increasing of the cigarettes taxes does not just effect the adult but also brings effect to children. When they increasing the cigarettes taxes, they will use the money for the tobacco

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