Cigarettes Are Horrible For Their Environment Essay

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Cigarettes are terrible for their environment. The easiest way to decrease all the negative impacts cigarettes have on the environment and human bodies is to get rid of them altogether. For people to stop smoking them. But it is not as easy as banning all tobacco companies and their products; there is a lot more to it than that. With that said tobacco companies and cigarettes will most likely stay around for awhile and the effects and damage done to the environment will never fully go away. But yet, there are little things that everyone can do that will go a long way. Everyone can help stop cigarette litter, seeing as all the issues stated are from cigarette litter. By educating communities, starting programs, increasing fees of littering, and increasing availability of receptacles for cigarettes, the negative effects will go down. The hardest step of them all is taking action.
A lot of people wonder “why does cigarette litter matter, what does it have to do with me?” When cigarettes are tossed on street corners and sidewalks it decreases foot traffic and tourism to that city. ("Cigarette Litter: Why It Matters.") Let’s face it, cigarette litter isn’t pretty to look at and statistics show that. Property value in communities goes down 7% with the presence of litter. ("Cigarette Litter: Why It Matters.") Cigarette litter also causes 10% of all forest fires and creates a costly issue especially to the local tax payers. (NSRA 2) This is why it matters to all people.
So now that…

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