Cigarettes And The Cigarette Tax Essay

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Cigarettes are one of the most purchased goods. It is also one of the most heavily taxes products that is sold in the United States. The tax will vary by state but the revenues that come from the cigarette tax is enormous. The revenue that each state brings in will also vary in the way that it is spent. The cigarette tax in every state also applies to other products other than cigarettes and cigars. Chewing tobacco (any kind of tobacco that is suitable for chewing and not smoking), snuff or other preparations of finely cut, ground, or powder tobacco, and pipe tobacco, roll-your-own smoking tobacco, and other tobacco products that are made of tobacco or are a substitute but is not a cigarette are more examples of what has the cigarette tax (Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts). All tobacco products are taxed by weight in ounces. The cigarette tax by state will ranging drastically, some states will have a 17 cent tax while others states like New York, will have a $4.35 per package of twenty cigarettes. New York City even has a $1.50 per package tax which bring the New York City total to a great $5.80 (“Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax.”). “The excise tax is paid when a licensed cigarette stamping agent purchases New York State tax stamps and affixes them to the bottom of each pack of cigarettes sold in New York State as evidence that the state excise tax was paid. In different states the money from cigarette taxes will go to different places. For example here in New…

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