Cigarettes : A Deadly American Tradition Essay

1384 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
Cigarettes: A Deadly American Tradition Smoking cigarettes is one of the most addicting and deadly habits in modern America. Cigarettes can cause permanent health problems to you and and others around you. The sad thing is unlike some serious illnesses, smoking cigarettes is highly preventable. In one article James S. Zoller writes, “The Surgeon General has reported that ‘smoking is the single most preventable cause of premature death in the United States’” (Zoller, 2). If this is the case, then why has the US government not stepped in? Americans are killed daily by these “death sticks” and the government just watches. Not to mention the huge Tobacco companies are making millions while American citizens lose loved ones from their disgusting product. Its time to make a major change that can help future generations live healthier and longer. It is time for America to eliminate the cigarette from everyday life. If America does not make this change, Tobacco will remain to be a murderer in our beautiful country. Therefore, I believe the United States government should enforce laws on the amount of cigarettes that can be bought/sold because the vile materials contained in them, the chance of serious illness, and the possibility of death. First, cigarettes contain many vile chemicals and materials. Its disgusting that these huge tobacco companies would allow people to smoke this product. Most individuals think the one unhealthy ingredient in cigarettes is Nicotine,…

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