Why Do Cigarettes Become So Popular

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What is the impact of cigarettes on the society and how did it become so popular? Cigarette smoking is a very big issue today. Many people are facing many problems regarding smoking cigarettes. Considering, cigarettes have become very popular since then and it is becoming more mainstream in today’s society. It has been said that tobacco was already been smoked and grown in the United States by the Native Americans before it became popular in Europe and been spread to the world (Prince 653). Therefore, tobacco has existed for so many years now and the population of people using it is going up and down throughout the years. Mainly in America, according to the article “Who Smokes in America?”, in the year 2002, there are roughly 45.8 million adults in America who are smoking cigarettes, which to be considered as 22.3% of the population. Given that, the percentage of the adults in America who smokes cigarettes has dropped to 19% in 2011, so it has gone down to 43.8 million adults in America (Desilver). This statistic shows that the …show more content…
So, the great deals on cigarettes including coupons are used by the cigarette advertisements to target young people because the great promotions are more susceptible for teenagers (1029). The manufacturers think that when they sell cheap products, many people will be lured by these kinds of promotions, and it was most likely happening to the youngsters. Cooper claims that there are some verdicts by the anti-smoking advocates that the great deals on cigarettes including coupons are used by the cigarette advertisements (1029). Many cigarette manufacturers use advertisements that have great deals and promotions for cigarettes so it will appear that cigarettes are cheap and affordable. Although, the people don’t know that it will cost more for them when they experience the harm of cigarette

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