Cid Vs Beowulf Essay

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The European warrior culture was very important in the societies of their time. Both very impressive poems of powerful warriors who must go into very difficult and intense battles for themselves. Some battles were for the well being of others, but mostly for their own gain. Cid and Beowulf have different levels of respect in their kingdoms and different ranks, but both are very powerful men with a similar goal to win.

Beowulf and Poema del cid are epic poems from the early 16th century. They focus on tof Beowulf, Beowulf himself is the leader of the Geats and he has his own land to protect. However, in Poema del Cid the main character Cid is banished by his king. All of his land and wealth are taken away from him, because he is
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They won’t lose and can’t lose. What would the story be if they did lose, not the same kind of story that’s for certain. Beowulf is honored by his fellow Geats for protecting them and their lands when he destroys the monsters that threaten their society. Cid is more of a normal knight because he fights with other knights. But all of these battles that Beowulf and Cid fight in are to be honored by their king. Warriors were ranked very high on the social scale if they were worthy warriors. Warriors were very dedicated and confident to earn their rulers respect. Cid was fighting to regain respect because he had everything taken away from him. Beowulf had to impress his uncle when he was at the time king because one day he knew he may be the new ruler. The warrior or knight culture was very important to them. So when Cid proved himself as a knight he would be granted entry back into his country to live with his wife and two daughters. Beowulf proved himself to his uncle and became the king.

Beowulf and Cid are viewed differently by their kings and are in different military ranks but both work towards one goal, winning. So you can see that Cid and Beowulf are both heros because they win great battles. Cid however has first been seen as a coward and used his actions to become a brave hero. Beowulf became a hero through his brave fighting while his uncle was the king. He did not have

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