Cicero 's Influence On Society Essay

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Cicero believed in virtuous and loyal friendships, people rarely acquire these characteristics nowadays when it comes to choosing friends. Cicero had very good morals and believed in doing the right things. I believe that there are some deeply loyal friendships still in the midst of the evil world today. Although, in this scenario the bad outweigh the good. There are definitely more disloyal friendships then virtuous and loyal friendships. Cicero would not be happy about the overall friendships of today. He would not be happy with the morals of people and their reasons for being apart of friendships in today 's society. Some people in the world today are extremely selfish. People mindset of today are to get over on people and to gain popularity or independent success. Selfishness is the main reason why Cicero would not be happy about the friendships in modern society. People have ways of using friendships to get to where they need to go in life. Friends who do those things are; users, disloyal, selfish and lazy. Cicero believed that you should not use people to gain success. Friendships that are set up only for personal gain are bad friendships. Cicero doesn’t believe in friends of that nature. “Now, despite what I have just been saying, Scipio used to say that nothing was more difficult than for a friendship to survive all the way to the last day of one’s life. This is because it often happens that friends don’t want the same thing, or that they don’t agree about the Res…

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