Cicero Writes 's On Duties Essay

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Although Cicero writes to his son in his novel, On Duties, his writings have pertained to humanity during his time and have a lasting impression today. Cicero defines duty in a threefold sense, through honor, benefit, and nature; he gives guidelines and suggestions on how to live a dutiful life using these three themes. He breaks each theme into practical terms and examples, helping explain the way he sees the human race becoming a better people. Through his many examples, Cicero shows the true meaning of being dutiful in his time, which has extended to present day in many forms as well.
Cicero makes the claim in his writings that duty is inseparable from nature. He explains each are foundational to each other in multiple ways. As humans, he states it is human nature to preserve ourselves in every way, “From the beginning nature has assigned itself to every type of creature the tendency to preserve itself, its life and body, and to reject anything that seems likely to harm them” (I.11). He does not state it is our duty to preserve ourselves, but later states it is our duty to preserve others,
The same nature, by the power of reason, unites one man to another for the fellowship both of common speech an of life, creating above all a particular love for his offspring… contribute to the comfort and sustenance not only of himself, and others whom he holds dear and ought to protect. (I.12)
In this passage, Cicero declares it is only reasonable, a duty, to make sure the…

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