Cicardian Rythm Essay

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I. Introduction
The first time you will hear the word Circadian Rhythm, you will be dreary because you have no idea on what it is about, but because of my drastic intention I will gather more ideas about my topic. Doubtless, I am sure I will make it easier to work with it. One question was bothering me and makes me persevere on doing this Research Paper. “Is it entrainable or not?”, one question with different ideas and information’s sticking with it. No specific and particular reviews I need to provide about it, I just need to gather information by means of researching just to know if Circadian Rhythm is entrainable or not. Although the process is not easy, as people who have suffered from a jetlag, because the more time
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They also allow seasonal animals and plants to keep track of the seasons by measuring daylength.
Circadian rhythms are often called the body clock. Humans produce on average a cycle lasting a bit over 24 hours, though there are individual variations. While these internal rhythms are approximately 24 hours, they are adjusted daily by external factors, especially sunlight or other bright lights.
The most noticeable feature of circadian rhythms is the sleep/wake cycle. But there are other circadian rhythms including swings in many hormones throughout the day and night, the body temperature cycle, appetite and the best times of alertness and productivity. Ideally these rhythms are in sync with each other and with the light-dark cycle in nature, the norm being wakefulness during daylight hours and sleep during darkness. So for example normal adults usually go to sleep between 10 PM and 1 AM and awaken 7-8 hours later with no problem.

The paper focuses on the term “entrainable”, is it adjustable or not? If yes, what are the ways we need to do just to adjust on the rhythm. But if no, why do we still need to study more about the psychologists doing in the cureness of the Circadian Rhythm. But I focused on defining the Circadian Rhythm and describing what are the characteristics of it we need to adjust to.

Importance Knowing enough about circadian rhythms to make solid, informed choices cuts down on the fear factor. If

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