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A tint of oranges and yellows covers Rome between dawn to dusk. The golden sun gives a vibrant touch to all its brick and marbles that overflow the cobblestone streets. But when the night hits, the city comes to live. All the landmarks light up and it gives a magical feeling to it that cast a spell on you. Despite all the technological advances, Rome is frozen in time, preserving all its history and allowing us in the 21st century to still relieve its greatness that prevails.
Throughout the month in Rome we were able to appreciate all its nook and crannies and visit all the important landmarks Rome has to offer. We stayed in Borgo Pio, a neighborhood next to the Vatican City. This was extremely convenient for use, since it was close to everything by walking. The first week we did a long walking tour where we saw the Castel San’t Angelo, cross the Tiber Bridge to the Piazza Navona. On the Piazza Navona where we encounter shops, artist vendors, street performers, delicious restaurants, beautiful fountains and marvelous architectural sites. Piazza Navona is a perfect example of juxtaposition of Ancient and Modern Rome; the artists,
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The Colosseum was recently cleaned and we were able to see it’s original color. Recently, luxury brands are starting to offer donations to clean, restore and repair landmarks in a way to give back to the city. For example, Fendi donated €2.2 million to clean the Trevi Fountain and Tod’s, a luxury shoe designer, donated around 25 million euros as well to complete the restoration of the Colosseum. We also visited the Vatican Museum, which has the Sistine Chapel. I was so amazed by the Sistine Chapel ceiling that I spent 40 minutes there just contemplating such beauty; Michelangelo definitely outdone himself with that one. We finished the month of June with the Gladiator School, where we learned about gladiators and took a lesson on how they fought each

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