Chuck E Cheese Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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A commercial advertisement of Chuck E Cheese on YouTube
Perform a rhetorical analysis of the piece by answering the following questions
1) Describe in about 5 sentences what the argument is about.
This persuasive argument is trying to persuade children to visit chuck e cheese by appealing to the customers through images, sounds, and statistics. Once children have watch this advertisement on television they will then come to the conclusion that it is a fun place. The ones presenting this information have shown games, pizza, colorful images, balloons, prices, and free tickets. I am currently an employee at chuck e cheese, and even there we have to appeal to the mind of the children. The goals are to sell and to
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What indicates that it is? Is it successful in its use of ethos?
In this argument there is children presented and parents. The parents shown influence other parents to take their children to chuck e cheese because it is safe and relaxing. Now, the children will want to come to chuck e cheese because there is other children shown to be having fun. (Examples of bandwagon)It has obviously improved because this commercial it not is recent one. Although, it does seem to have a strong ethos argument.
3)Is the argument based on pathos? What indicates that it is? Is it successful in its use of pathos? This argument is based on pathos because the commercials could appeal to the emotions of children. This commercial reveals fun and entertainment if you go to Chuck e cheese. Children see others having a good time then they will want to have a good time. The music provided to the children influence the way they should feel about chuck e cheese. I think this commercial support pathos because children are always coming to Chuck e cheese. The prices and mouse shown causes children to feel excitement. The mouse will appeal to the children and their emotions. The argument shows nothing but good thoughts and feelings which lead to the conclusion it was properly
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What indicates that it is? Is it successful in its use of logos? In this argument the commercial reveals numbers to the audience. Chuck e cheese claims it is the number one entertainment for kids. Also, children are talking in this advertisement and appear to be having a fun time. The food material that is shown is presented to be fresh and shown with vivid images. The parents and children are consuming their food products and making an appeasing facial expression.The mouse is a major source for children. Obviously, all evidence presented must be positive so they customer will want to take their children to chuck e cheese. All this evidence and facts are supporting the logos of the argument but have some flaws. The statistics and facts do not come from experts it is just based on opinion. Now, the evidence presented is not supported by any experts. From my perspective anyone could say something is fun and claim it is the 1 entertainment. Certain people might not like pizza or are not able to play due to a certain condition they have. They claim it is safe but there has been incidents where children do actually get lost. Also, many children walk out in tear because they can not afford most of the prizes from the counter. I believe it is effect for the children who are the audience because they do not care about statistics but the

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