Essay about Chronicle Of The Death Foretold

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Throughout multiple texts, there have been different symbolic and direct treatment of “the body,” and two works that include this are “Chronicle of the Death Foretold” by Gabriel Marquez and “Citzen” by Claudia Rankine. Both stories take a different approach to the treatment of “the body,” but the way that the author delves into the subject is critical to the deeper analysis of the stories being told. In a way, these two authors have seemingly separated the notion of a person and their body, by creating situations where the treatment of their body is either a result of their actions or a result of how their body looks, even if that has very little to do with who they actually are as a human being. The treatment of the body can be described as how the author chooses to have the body of their characters, both physically and symbolically, be treated throughout the story. In the novel “Chronicle of the Death Foretold,” it is clear to determine how Marquez treats the body in a biblical way. The story itself deals with many different religious aspects, such as the importance of virginity. Virginity is a key factor in many religions, especially when it pertains to females (McNamara). It is supposed to symbolize the purity and innocence of the body and mind, which demonstrates a symbolic treatment of the body from a biblical account. Marquez also includes other aspects of religious treatment of the body, such as when the character Santiago is stabbed, the wounds are to his hands,…

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