Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Essays

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Gabriel Garcia Marquez published the novel ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold ' in the year 1981. The novel uses the form of pseudo-journalistic reconstruction. In the book, Marquez uses an anonymous narrator to talk about a murder that was committed by two brothers. The book brings out the concept of honor as the theme and also the concept of magical realism as a motif. Honor is the main subject of topic in the book. The book focuses on the actions of different people on a murder and whether or not they consider the murder as honorable. Magical Realism is also both a distinctive feature in the book, and it also dominates a major part of the story in the book.
Summary of the Book ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold ' describes the murder of a young man, Santiago Nasar. Nasar 's murder occurs on the wedding night of Angela Vicario after her wealthy husband Bayardo San Roman, realizes that she is not a virgin. Bayardo returns Angela to her family who after a two-hour brutal interrogation she confesses to having had a sexual relationship with Nasar. Despite a lot of evidence suggesting that the accusation made by Angela may not be true, her two brothers, Pedro and Pablo, believe her and kill Santiago in a crowded place and in broad daylight (Gradesaver, 2015). Angry Arabs after that chase Angela’s two twin brothers Pedro and Pablo, into a church a church. Pedro and Pablo ran into this church after committing a public murder of Santiago…

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