Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Essay

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold is a narrative that retells the events leading up to

the death of Santiago Nasar. Throughout the novella, there are many instances in which

a man is in a place of power, however, the female characters often are denied this

opportunity. Power can be defined as having the ability to stand up for yourself or

others, make your own decisions, and having an important role in society. It is the sole

characteristic that differentiates men from women in Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

Despite the few instances where women are placed in positions of power, Gabriel

Garcia Marquez effectively proves that women are depicted as powerless through the

use of machismo throughout the story, integrating Colombian gender roles into the

novella and causing women to face many more challenges compared to men. The

novella successfully integrates all three of these aspects to portray women as


There are minimal instances in which women are placed in positions of power

throughout this novella. However, there is one main example where this occurs. This

occurs very early in the novella, when Santiago Nasar is with Victoria Guzman and her

daughter, Divina Flor. Santiago decides that ‘the time has come for her to be tamed,’

(Marquez, p. 9) and as soon as he does this, he is threatened by Victoria. She points a

Garudadri 2

knife at him and declares that he ‘let go of her’ (9). This immediate defensiveness and

dominance over Santiago put Victoria in…

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