Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Essay example

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold pursues the story of a murder in Colombia. The narrator develops an idiosyncratic scene in which many of the town’s inhabitants were aware of the predestined murder. However, no one impeded the murder or had the sagacity to caution the victim. The crime took place by hand of the major characters in the novel. Although these characters experienced the crime firsthand, the minor characters in the novel were also directly involved. The minor characters set the scene for themes of sexual tension and honor. They also portray the abnormality of a murder where the whole town was a witness to a crime not yet committed.
Divina Flor helps develop Santiago’s image as a womanizer. She also demonstrates female oppression and objectification in the novel. Garcia Marquez does not state her age but the reader can assume that she was underage since she “was just coming into bloom” and women are said to ‘bloom’ around the time of their first periods at about 12. Santiago was destined to be unfaithful to his wife because “Divina Flor, who was the daughter of a more recent mate, knew that she was destined for Santiago Nasar’s furtive bed” (pg. 10). The reader is able to willingly accept Santiago as the man who deflowered Angela Vicario because we know that he was not faithful to his wife. Minor characters also aid in developing the setting. The opening of the novel exhibits a town keen to welcome the Bishop with noteworthy gifts and festivities. The Bishop does…

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