Chronicle Of A Death Foretold By Garcia Marquez Essay

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The book Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Garcia Marquez is a foretold tragedy written in a journalistic style and tone with a touch of magic realism. The book is written in a fragmented non-chronological order, based on a historical event of the death of Santiago Nasar. It’s not about the event in particular but about analyzing the after effects of that death within the context of the memories of the community and the reasons behind their inactions while facing their conscience, to the extent that they might be responsible for Santiago Nasar’s death. The author portrays the conventional morals and values of the society through the murder leading us to the importance of honor from the characters’ perspectives. Through the use of literary devices, plot and point of view, Marquez introduces us to the moral values within the Latino Community that lead to the death of Santiago Nasar.

The first thing the readers realize in Chronicle of a Death Foretold is the journalistic style in which this book is written. The narrator detaches himself from the details of the daily lives of the citizens while reconstructing the events of the witnesses personal perspectives based off their memories such as :”, Many people coincided in recalling that it was a radiant morning [...] the weather was funeral.” pg.[4] which shows us the diverse recollections of the people within the same society and how Marquez is using those recollections to piece his story together. He depicts how the entire…

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