Chronicle Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Garcia Marquez Essay

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The book “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a book that had taken place in the Middle East. It was a small town that had it 's own laws and its own way of surviving. The people in this town are kept to their race, until one day one person from a race accused another person from a different race of rape. “In Chronicles of a Death Foretold” Marquez uses biblical allusions when Santiago wears all white, when the angel passes by, and when Santiago was murdered to prove he died for his belief in the importance of a woman 's purity. Marquez proves that the innocence of Santiago was when put on a shirt and pants of white linen. The name Santiago means “saint”. Nasar is a Semitic name and even though he is Arab his name suggests a middle eastern origin like Jesus since is considered somewhat like an outcast . Santiago 's death is foretold and Jesus foretold his own death. “Santiago Nasar put on a shirt and pants of white linen, both items unstarched, just like the ones he’d put on the day…”(p.5) This is a Christian imagery of Jesus crucifixion, we wore a white tunic before being hung on the cross to die. Santiago wore all white to represent purity, and also in reference of going to see the bishop. Santiago faithfully went to see the bishop on Sundays. The bishop didn’t really play an active role in the town, he came once a week and didn’t stay long periods of time. Were as Jesus was with his people at all times.

The angel has a strong…

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